Where Creation Now Grows


3.5 out of 5 stars

At its core, Trichome is a reggae band, but their addition of a multitude of other world sounds gives this Northern Colorado-based group more of a reggae fusion sound that relies heavily on jamband influences.

Formed in 2005, the band has spent the last few years honing its sound before releasing its debut album, Where Creation Now Grows, and the patience of their approach is relevant.

This is a really good reggae album, but the fact that the group skips back and forth between different variations of reggae roots, and the changes in tempo — not to mention the changes in the emphasized beats that go with those variations — it can be slightly hard to follow from time to time. And maybe that’s where the magic lies for Where Creation Now Grows — the fact that the whole album doesn’t stick to the traditional “third-beat” of reggae gives it the ability to remain fresh from track to track.                         — Brian F. Johnson

:: Trichome ::

:: D Note :: February 4 ::

:: Pete’s Monkey Bar :: February 5 ::

:: Herb’s Hideout :: February 19 ::

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