Lost Aliens ‘Carnival Forest’


02_Lost Aliens
Lost Aliens
Carnival Forest

Like a psychedelic look, deep inside a geode, Lost Alien’s Carnival Forest is a cavernous, layered and heady view into other dimensions.

This album, the group said, “centers around the idea of much wisdom and knowledge gained and gifted through external and internal resources — over tens of thousands of years they grow and learn. Traversing the galaxy on waves of sound and light, peaceful intergalactic aliens stumble upon planet Earth. Discovering songs of nature and the cosmos, sounds of the earth are arranged with rhythms of pulsating stars. Unifying sound and silence, movement and stillness, presence and space, the aliens share a portal for all to gather and explore organic and electric vibrations of life and love through dance and music.”

It all sounds like the sales pitch of a wook making wraps outside a show, but for all of their cosmic descriptions and hallucinatory visions, the group’s consciousness-expanding message cuts to the core of humanity with delicate beauty, and chakra healing deep bass. “When no longer those external resources are available, the humans and creatures come together to gather through music, sound, dance, art, and light,” the band said. “Together they discover what it is to be truly human. Sharing this love, compassion, unity, peace, and forgiveness through service and co-creation.

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