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Fort Collins

Who ’dat?: Greg LaLiberte (flute); Francisco Marques (guitar/vocals/Cavaquinho/ percussion/bass); Bill Kopper (guitar/percussion/vocals); Raoul Rossiter (drums/percussion/vocals); Carl Dixon (percussion/vocals); Ian Brighton (saxophone/flute/percussion/vocals).

Pigeon-holed as?: Brazilian music

We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like: Edison Machado, Samba Dende, Grupo Saveiro

What’s their deal?: For over a year, Ginga has played the first Thursday of every month at the Laughing Goat in Boulder. Now, a lot of bands have regular gigs there, but Ginga is one of the few where the shop turns off the wi-fi and kicks everyone out who isn’t there for the show. The band has also been known (in nice weather) to start their shows with a short parade down the Pearl Street Mall. With a repertoire ranging from sedate listening music to the lively singing and dancing spirit of carnavalé, Ginga cover the spectrum of a vast array of Brazilian genres. The band also turns each gig into a fund raiser for Instruments 4 Change, which, not surprisingly is sent to Brazil.

Shameless web plug:  www.gingaband.com

O.K. When?: Laughing Goat (Boulder) March 3;  Mercury Café March 5.

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